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Arts, humanities and enrichment programs develop the whole child and provide an intentional approach in which youth engage in a creative process – through an art form – to foster understanding, sharing, and reflection. Learn a new skill!

  • Aug 18, 2017, 12:53 PM

    NEW! STEM Programs

    Doylestown branch
    stemR2We are excited to announce that we will be offering STEM classes to our fall schedules. Students will perform science experiments, make their own space food, build stomp rockets and launch rockets. Instructor is a certified teacher, recently trained at NASTAR (National Aerospace Training and Research Center) and program is offered in partnership with NASTAR center.



Andrew Yannarella
Director of Sports Physical Programs

215.348.8131, x1176


Valerie Tanner
Branch Executive



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Youth Programs - FREE to members
Dance Party (4 to 6 yrs)
The name says it all!  Located in the Teen Center.
Family Yoga (all ages)
All ages, with a parent or caregiver (required). Free with family membership. Potential member fees apply if child or parent is not a member. Studio A.
Fit Kids (5 to 12 yrs)
Get up and moving! Fun fitness training for kids.
Gaga and Games (6 to 12 yrs)
Jump, Run, Tumble, Fun (under 12)
Kids Yoga (6 to 12 yrs)
Focus on learning breathing techniques to help calm and center. Kids also learn poses to help with balance, strength and flexibility.
Pickup Sports (8-12 yrs)
Power Play - Youth Cardio Fitness (4 to 12 yrs)
Have fun using a variety of equipment to increase heart rate while listening to popular music. Plyo jumps, push-ups, planks, and more! Physically challenging but highly fun!
Pre-Teen Dodgeball (8 to 12 yrs)
Y Playgroup
All Ages | Join us for weekly play time and friendship!  We are a group of parents who want to connect with fellow parents while having some fun with the kids. Playgroup is based on member interests and informally led by Y Staff. Time is allotted for getting-to-know-you activities, parenting topics and lots of play!
Y PLAY (4 to 12 yrs)
Play for 30 minutes at the Y! Focus is to keep kids active during the after-school hours. Emphasizes activity through sports and active games.
Arts & Humanities
Cooking (8-12 years)
Drawing I (5 to 8 yrs)
Family Painting Workshop (All Ages)
Drawing II (9 to 12yrs)
Elementary Art (6 to 12 yrs)
Manga/Anime Workshop (9 to 14 yrs)
Origami Workshop (6 to 12 yrs)
Preschool 3-D Art (3-5 yrs)
Preschool Drawing and Painting (3 to 6 yrs)
Reclaimed T-Shirt Bands Workshop (6 to 12 yrs)
STEM (Grades 1-6)
The Fine Art of Aging Creatively: Active Older Adults


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Youth Programs - Free for Members - Warminster
All Sorts of Sports (6+ yrs)
Play a new sport each week.
Family Yoga (4+ yrs)
Games in the Park (6+ yrs)
Nature Kids Club (3 to 7 yrs)
Preschool Nature Club (3 to 5 yrs)
Princess Ballet (3 to 6 yrs)
Super Hero Training (3 to 6 yrs)
Arts & Humanities
Ceramics (8+ yrs)
Kids Cook (age 5+)
Lunch Hour Art: Intro to Drawing (14+ yrs)
Musical Munchkins (3 to 5 yrs)

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