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Y Member Talks Kettlebell and Crosstraining


shirley_blumenstock_3-smAs an “older” runner that wants to keep running, I knew I had to get serious about cross-training. I have always taken Pilates classes, and occasionally some Yoga classes, but felt that I needed more in the way of weight/strength training.

I took a group Kettlebell class several years ago, so when I thought of strength training, I inquired about Personal Training with John Sansone. I started working with John once a week using Kettlebells. When John left, I started training with Megan Maloney once a week – a 45-minute session – using Kettlebells. Knowing that I am a runner, Megan started to incorporate TRX into my weekly workouts to help with my flexibility. As I started to see my flexibility and strength improve, I started to meet with Megan twice a week. The combination of TRX and Kettlebells has increased my running pace, strengthened my legs, especially my quadriceps – protecting my knees, given me much needed flexibility and confidence to challenge myself because I know I can do it! At the age of 61, I am training for my fifth marathon – Philadelphia Marathon – in November 2015. I’m excited to begin training for the Marathon because I know that I am stronger, more flexible and am confident that this will be my best Marathon!

Shirley Blumenstock
‘Y’ member since 2004