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Cathy Manning: Fit N Define can help you stay 'Top of your Game'


Cathy Manning bring you the latest news from her Fit 'n Define class!

Hi, and welcome to another blog from me, Cathy Manning, your FIT N DEFINE instructor at Central Bucks Family YMCA!

I recently came across an article in the Intelligencer newspaper (June 26, 2016) entitled "Top Of Your Game" which talked about "trendy exercises to mix things up, get strong and rev up workouts" with a focus on active older adults. The article was written for those exercisers who are finding their current workout routines monotonous. By switching up their exercises and embracing some other type of fitness regimen, the article suggests that many may find a great way to maintain their momentum at the gym. The section that caught my eye was about Dance, Hip-Hop and Hi-Lo type classes.  

"ZUMBA classes have been popular for quite some time," states the author. "But many health clubs offer additional classes that employ dance to burn calories and tone muscles. Some gyms have developed their own cardio-based dance classes that get people moving to music in a fun way. Routines are fun and fast-moving, which may make them feel less like a workout and more like a social event."

I couldn't have said it any better. My FIT N DEFINE class does just that. If you are ready to try something new or you need a change in your exercise routine, come join the many members in my FIT N DEFINE class who love the community feel and have discovered a fun way to workout.

Cathy Manning is a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor with expertise in Sports Nutrition, Aqua Fitness and Cancer Wellness.