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Child Watch, more than watching


child watch RIn Child Watch we do so much more than just watch children: we engage with them, play with them, foster social skills, and generally do whatever it takes to make their experience safe and fun!

Whether a Caregiver is on the floor helping a child construct a magnetic house, offering a read-aloud on our book bench, demonstrating how to properly wash hands, or implementing our proactive behavior plan, all of our Caregivers are equipped to give the children a safe place to stay and play while their parents get time to themselves. This is why we have elected to change the name "Child Watch" to "Stay & Play," which more accurately corresponds with our mission.
Although it may take a little time for us to switch the name on all of our signs, materials, and staff shirts, please be assured your children are already being given the most positive and engaging experience we can provide. Thank you for letting them stay and play with our Y family!

Blog by: Billie-Jean Caperelli, Stay and Play Coordinator