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Beginning December 12, guests/non-members need ID for first visit


raptroAn important change in policy is coming December 12 and effects non-members who accompany members into the building. For your first visit on or after December 12, please be sure to bring ID and allow a few minutes. Read more here:

To keep our Y a safe place, all adult guests and non-members (including those accompanying a member to a program) will be screened through Raptor beginning Monday, December 12. Raptor identifies unwanted visitors instantly by scanning driver's licenses and state-issued IDs and alerts staff of any potential risks. Please bring your ID and allow an extra 10 minutes when visiting our facility the first time. After your initial screening, you will only need to provide your name when entering the facility. In addition, guests under age 18 must have a guest waiver signed by a parent to enter our facility.

If you are a non-member and need to enter our building for any reason, you will need to bring photo identification with you the first time you come.