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Lisa Schwartzer: There's SNOW Excuse!


lisaschwartzerJust because we will most likely be snowed in tomorrow, that's no excuse to skip your workout!  Here's a few easy ways to get our resistance and cardio training in big snow day! 

Metabolic Burst

5 min warm-up
1 min jog in place
1 min back pedal
1 min high knees
1 min butt kicks
1 min rest

45 sec activity/15 sec rest (2 rounds intermediate/3 rounds advanced)
Jumping Jacks
Hop Forward/Back Skater
Squat Thrusts,
Plank Walks
Mountain Climbers
Lateral Hops,
Jumping Jack Planks

5 min cool-down & stretch

House Walking

(Beginner/ Intermediate)

5 min warm up
1 min walk
1 min fast walk
1 min walk
1 min fast walk
1 min walk

Walking activity (once for beginner/twice for Intermediate)

10 min walk (if you have an area of your house that you can do continuous a walk do one loop, if not walk back and forth five times total each way, then walk up your stairs and down your stairs once.)  Repeat this for ten minutes.

10 min walk (in a loop or back and forth ten five times total, then walk up the stairs two at a time and down.)  Repeat for ten minutes.

5 min cool-down and stretch