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Central Bucks Family YMCA Presents Animal Education and Conservation Show Celebrating Month of the Young Child


Central Bucks Family YMCA will present the Jungle Joe’s Wildlife Adventures, educating more than 70 children in our early childhood education programs at 10 AM on April 25 at New Britain preschool.

Jungle Joe will provide an educational live-animal program that will help the children understand more about diverse exotic animals from around the globe. The program is structured and conducted with two objectives in mind: (1) to entertain and hold the interest of the children and (2) to provide them with basic information about exotic animals and their role in our environment.

The children are encouraged to ask questions during the program about the live animals including: exotic mammals, primates, exotic birds, birds of prey, reptiles and amphibians. The children will have a chance to meet some of these fascinating animals from the safety of their seats. Jungle Joe will talk about the animals’ survival instinct, natural history, physical geography, natural behaviors, and conservation education.

The presentation will take place at the Central Bucks Family YMCA Preschool located in New Britain. For more information, contact Jasmine Craig at jcraig@cbfymca.org or 215.348.4214.

Central Bucks Family YMCA Preschool
321 W. Butler Avenue, New Britain, PA  18901
Jungle Joe Wildlife Adventures
Tuesday, April 25 (10am)

Free and open to the community!

About Central Bucks Family YMCA

Central Bucks Family YMCA is a charitable non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve the quality of community life. With locations in Doylestown, Warminster and New Britain, PA the Y is dedicated to strengthening the spirit, mind and body of its members. We build character by promoting the values of caring, respect, honesty and responsibility

About Joe Fortunato

Joe Fortunato, zookeeper, adventurer, wildlife educator and retired police officer, is the host and founder of “Jungle Joe’s Wildlife Adventures.” Fortunato, aka “Jungle Joe”, saw the need for a professional wildlife education service in southeastern Pennsylvania that was fun, educational and affordable. Using exciting live animal shows, Jungle Joe enlightens audiences, while teaching respect and appreciation for exotic, unusual and amazing animals, as well as the importance of recycling to protect the environment. Joe’s programs, including “Jungle Joe’s Wildlife Adventures” traveling zoo (formerly Animal Junction) inspire consciousness and passion for wildlife and the world around us.


Since early childhood Joe has always been fascinated by wildlife, most particularly exotic plants and animals. He has well over thirty years of experience working extensively with exotic animals such as mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids. In the 1980’s he performed volunteer work at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, PA and managed a large pet store chain, Worldwide Aquarium, for many years. While working at the pet store, Fortunato bought a blue and gold macaw, named Ziggy, which is the oldest and dearest member of his animal ambassadors.

For more information about Joe and his extensive work history, visit him on the web at www.junglejoeswildlifeadventures.com.