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Member Reminder: Member Journey is FREE every three months


Sometimes you need a little reminder. You probably tried Member Journey when you first joined with a goal setting conversation with a staff member, an orientation or a fitness evaluation...or all three.

But this is just a reminder that as a member you are entitled to these motivating and educational sessions every three months.

As you move forward on your fitness journey, you many want to try a new machine...or a new area of the Y.  Try one, two or all three:

Meet with a Y Staff Member in your area of interest. Share your health and fitness goals and get direction and support to help achieve them.

Meet with a Y Staff Member (or Fitness Coach, Swim Instructor or Member Engagement Team Member) to gain comfort and familiarity within the area of your interest. Includes up to two, 30-60 minute appointments.

Meet with a Personal Trainer to determine starting point or progress check-up for cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance. Compliments every form of exercise training. Teen evaluation available.

Scheduling is easy and can be done online. Click here to visit themembership-tile Member Journey page of our website and visit the Mind-Body links for your branch.