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Great News for the Women's Locker Room


joshRAt the Doylestown branch, we have actively been pursuing improvements in the women’s locker room, most especially the showers and their ability to deliver consistent water at desirable temperatures.

Over the next several weeks we are installing a new 50 gallon water heater and  expansion tank. Occurring during three overnights (September 22, September 28 and another evening in early October) we will be installing the new heater and equipment.

The new system will provide pre-heated water that goes into the new tank. The tank will always contain and maintain hot water with a reserve capacity of 50 gallons, which will provide a dramatic increase of hot water for our members.

Thank you to our facilities department who have been working with our contractors on this issue. We will continue to address the water in the women’s locker room until it is 100% resolved.

Thank you for your continued support! We'll see you at the Y.


Josh Tyler
Doylestown Branch Director