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Martial Arts Programs at Central Bucks Family YMCA utilize a progressive approach for all ages. Private Martial Arts lessons, Aikido, Martial Arts Technique, family karate and a selection of karate classes for all ages are available. Trial Classes the first class of each session, pre-registration is requested since limited space is available.


Jennefer Pursell

Aug 8, 2016, 11:30 AM
First name : Jennefer
Last name : Pursell
Middle name :
Phone :
Email : jpursell@cbfymca.org
My husband Stacy and I created the Dragon Warriorz Karate Program for children ages 4-7 at the Y in the spring of 2011. Over the years we have also had the pleasure to evolve the existing Youth/ Adult Karate Program into a  thriving program with a specific curriculum that is recognized by the AJKA-I,  international Shotokan Karate organization.

I began my journey in Martial Arts in 2002. After earning my 2nd degree black belt in ITF style TaeKwon-do, I joined my husband Stacy and our two older sons in training in Shotokan karate, where I am currently a 1 kyu brown belt. In addition to teaching all ages in TaeKwon-do and karate, I am also a seasoned pre-school teacher with over 10 years experience.  I credit the success of our Dragon Warriorz program to our experience in Martial Arts as well as my experience in Early Childhood Education. Making sure that all of the children in Bucks County Karate programs gain confidence and self-esteem through developmentally appropriate classes is very important to me.
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Martial Arts Programs (all ages)
Aikido (age 7+)
Japanese martial art of unarmed self defense uses attacker's force against them; encourages discipline and a nonviolent attitude. Develops rhythmic movement and physical fitness; improves reaction, perception and coordination; promotes strength and suppleness through twisting, bending and stretching movements.
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Youth & Adult Karate (8+)
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Karate Kids: Dragon Warriorz
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Martial Arts Programs (all ages) - Warminster
Dragon Warriorz (4 to 7 yrs)
Positive experience offering skills and tasks that can be accomplished with practice. Basic Shotokan Karate techniques mixed with interactive games and exercises to develop self-esteem and confidence. Learn respect, humility, focus and discipline. Site: Studio B
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Karate for Adults & Youth (8+)
JKA Style Shotokan Karate includes membership to the AJKA-A. Learn the traditional art of self-defense and enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility, balance, strength and character development. Rates available for one or two classes per week.
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